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“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.”
Frank Lloyd Wright.

Welcome to Varsity Care Adult Health Services where we believe that your golden years deserve to be filled with joy and comfort.

Our holistic approach to care goes beyond merely providing supervisory or medical services. We provide seniors with an opportunity to enjoy the sense of independence and dignity within a thriving community of their peers. We fill our Adult Day Services with chances for seniors to participate in stimulating activities to improve physical, mental and social well-being, while receiving the highest quality medical care. We also emphasize inclusivity and provide care for members with disabilities by extending our offering to specialized support services and treating everyone who enters our doors as part of our family.

Our senior members and their loved ones can rest assured that they will always receive consistently exceptional care from our professional and friendly team of passionate experts. We strive to create a welcoming and comfortable home environment, treating every member with compassion, respect and warmth. We hold the firm belief that all seniors deserve to spend their later years surrounded by friends, laughter, comfort and dedicated care is exactly what Varsity Care is committed to providing.

Care & Services

Reliable Healthcare with Compassion and Respect

Adult Day Services

We stand firm in our belief that occupied minds and bodies stay healthier and happier for longer, which is why we apply a holistic approach to caring for our members.

Senior Home Care

Senior home care is a comprehensive set of care services that allows seniors to regain and maintain their health and independence in their own homes, where they are often most comfortable.


Need a ride? Senior members and their families can put their trust in our trained drivers when they’re out and about.

Why Us?

Give Your Loved Ones Quality Care You Can Trust.

Adult Day Services offer a range of specialized programs and services that are designed to provide care, companionship and medical assistance for seniors. These programs take place during the day and are a fantastic resource for caregivers who have obligations to tend to during traditional work hours and want to ensure that their loved ones receive the assistance, medical care and support that they require. Varsity Care is fully staffed with trained experts in a range of disciplines and is designed to accommodate all seniors, including those with health conditions, physical impairments or memory loss. We provide supervision, inclusive recreation, social activities, day meals and varying levels of medical services so that seniors can claim their independence while receiving the care they require.

At Varsity Care Adult Health Services, we understand that life doesn't stop after 60. We know that our seniors need a sense of self-sufficiency and purpose as much as they need security and supervision, which is why we adapt our services to each individual’s abilities and interests. We create an environment where seniors can achieve a high quality of life by continuing to learn, grow and play an impactful role in their community. When we provide one-on-one care in the home, we do so while remaining respectful of the member’s independence and space. In our years of experience, we have seen first-hand the difference that days filled with companionship, engaging activities, medical support and laughter make in one’s senior years. That’s why we’re on a mission to provide our members with ample opportunity to create happy memories and achieve optimal living in their Golden Years.

What Sets Us Apart

At Varsity Care Adult Health Services, we know that our seniors need a sense of self-sufficiency and purpose as much as they need security and supervision, which is why we adapt our services to each individual’s abilities and interests.

Why We’re Different

Dedicated to Health & Safety

When it comes to the health, safety, and well-being of our clients and staff, we never compromise.

Commitment to Employee Success

Our success is driven by employees and clients. We know when employees feel valued and empowered, their passion and caring transmits directly to our client’s experience.

Devoted to Clients and Their Communities

Recognize, respect and cater to each unique ethnic group’s culture and community.


We demand honesty, transparency, and accountability from our entire team resulting in a culture of trust.

We Are Varsity Care

Where There Is Love, There Is Life.